Raise the bar at your next event.

Make your next event special with a personalized wine menu accompanied by our fantastic service.

Rent the Wine Bar

Have your next event for up to 70 people at First Mountain Tasting Room. Our entire menu of wine, beer, sake, and food is available. Catering is also available upon request.

Option 1: Private Bar Service

  • Service by 1 bartender and 1 bar back.
  • Choose your own music playlist.
  • Put your photo slideshow the TVs.
  • Bring your own decorations.
  • Free parking anywhere downtown.

Option 2: Sommelier Service

In addition to Option 1, our Sommelier will attend your event and do a professional wine tasting. We will work with you to select wines your guests will love and that fit your budget.

Offsite Events

Simple, affordable, memorable. Whether you just want some great wines or full sommelier guided tasting experience, we can help make your next event special.

Option 1: Self-Serve

Tell us your theme, any style or regional preferences, and your budget and we will hand select wines for your dinner party, celebration, wedding, or other event.

We’ll include tasting notes and pairing suggestions so you can look like a star in the eyes of your guests or special someone.

Option 2: Pour Service

In addition to Option 1, we will provide a professional bartender for your event. 1 bartender per 50 attendees.

Option 3: Sommelier Service

In addition to Option 2, we will provide a professional sommelier to present the wines in a wine tasting. They will talk about each wine, the wine’s producer, and the region where it comes from, and the methods used to produce it.

Tell us about your event and we’ll work together to make it fantastic.

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